Reliability against the elements. ZeroDT "Zero Down Time" against overvoltage surge events.

There is more to look at than the cost of your equipment to be replaced. There is planning, engineering and the labor cost to commission your process. Holliday Process Solutions specializes in specifying overvoltage surge protection for any process or application.

Holliday Process Solutions is proud to be a master distributor for the ZeroDT product line and we specify or recommend they be put in almost every solution we provide.

The ZeroDT Technology

The ZeroDT "Zero Down Time" utilizes non-degrading Silicon Avalanche Suppression Diode (SASD) technology to combat induced over voltages. Whether these events are weather related (lightning) or delivered from brown outs, black outs or grid switching, voltage is voltage. These very brief "spikes" in voltage can cause severe and catastrophic damage to our electronics, which in many cases tend to be the infrastructure of several different processes. This technology possesses several attractive characteristics most surge protection lacks. Silicon Avalanche Suppression Diodes or (SASD) do not degrade with use. They act simply as a voltage controlled switch, turning on/off thousands, even millions of times without losing their original performance. The ZeroDT has found a niche in several different industries protecting delicate instrumentation. Why? ZeroDT is small enough to mount inside of the equipment you want to protect. Real estate is key. The rule of thumb when it comes to surge protection is to mount your surge protection device or SPD as close to the protected equipment as possible. As wire length is time and time is of the essence, these transient voltage spikes are very fast and wreak havoc on electronics. The ZeroDT provides passive transient surge protection for both 24VDC and communication loops (2 loops per unit). Applications include both discrete and process automation instrumentation. ZeroDT is a 24VDC Surge Suppressor. Patent Pending. Made in the USA.

  • Less than 5 nanosecond response time
  • Non-degradable technology
  • Suitable for multiple power and communication applications
  • Mounts inside small NEMA rated electrical housings allowing protection in classified areas

Maximum Characteristics

  • Electrical Performance

    - Nominal Operating Voltage: 24V
    - Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage: 36V

  • Surge Current Capability

    - 8/20 μs, Line to Ground: >600 Amps
    - 10/1000 μs, Line to Ground: >65 Amps

  • Voltage Protection Level

    - 600 A, 8/20 μs, Line to Ground: TBD
    - 65 A, 10/1000 μs, Line to Ground: TBD
    - Response Time: <5 nanoseconds

  • Environmental

    - Operating/Storage Temperature: -40°C to +80°C
    - Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing
    - RoHS Compliant

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Some of the Brands
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    Clients Who

    We protect field instrumentation at 8 compression sites. Shell was losing $100k per week in equipment plus expensive downtime. We provided a grounding audit, installed our equipment, and no loss has since been reported.Shell Pipeline
    We protect thousands of transmitters and field Instrumentation. We have not had a single equipment failure in the eight years we’ve done business.Kinder Morgan
    We protect I/O, field instruments and 120 VAC. $100k’s + protected with no equipment loss or downtime reported.Williams Pipeline & Energy Transfer
    Now specified in standards for all installations. Initially provided protection for 3 facilities and $1.5 million in equipment. During a storm, our facilities were the only ones with no loss in equipment and no downtime.We Energies

    Why HPS?

    Prior to using HPS, most of our clients had been operating on much older technologies and products. We, along with our strategic partners are on the forefront of systems integration, flow measurement, overvoltage surge protection and custom enclosures.