Keeping Your Power On Line

Transtector Systems provides a complete approach for the protection of communications systems and critical electronics from lightning and power anomalies.

Our product offering includes:

AC, DC, high speed data and signal protection, EMP EMI filters, power conditioners, UPS and power distribution units, as well as accredited educational courses and consulting.

Silicon Diode Leader

Knowing your surge protection need is critical to selecting the correct surge protection device. Transtector Systems leads the industry with patented Silicon Avalanche Diode (SASD) technology. Unlike other technologies that degrade over time, silicon diodes provide non-degrading, low-clamping, leadless silicon diode protection. Transtector offers a full surge protection product line using SASD technology as well as numerous devices with MOV back-up configurations that leverage non-degrading silicon (SASD) with robust MOV current handling capability.

Solid Foundation

Founded on the ability to provide custom engineered solutions for unique protection circumstances, Transtector Systems has become a market innovator in lightning and surge protection products for the Military, Telecommunications, Medical, Energy and Security industries.

Industry Leaders

Our engineers are industry leaders and decision makers within regulatory agencies including IEC, IEEE, UL, DTRA and NEC. Our commitment to R&D and technological advancements is a fundamental ingredient within our business. Our site testing laboratories, engineering expertise, and commitment to technical service have enabled Transtector to be the leading supplier of choice within Carriers, OEMs, Domain Suppliers, Prime Contractors, Integrators and Distributors.

Four Decades of Superiority

For over forty years, Transtector Systems' reputation has been built on taking a systems-wide approach to each protection scenario offering a broad range of products with patented technologies designed to keep your power on line.

Transtector DRDC-24

The DRDC-24 provides passive transient surge protection for both 24VDC and communication loops (2 loops per unit). This unit is ideal for I/O protection. Mounts to TS35 din rail.

Transtector I2R IEP 120-10

The I2R IEP 120-10 is a din rail mounted 120VAC surge protector. This unit is primarily for PLC and UPS protection. This unit has a Form "C” dry contacts as well as LED indication. This unit is wired in parallel.

Transtector TSJ-6A

The TSJ-6A is an RJ-11 phone line protection unit. This is a surface mount unit.

Transtector TSJ10/100BT

The TSJ 10/100BT is an Ethernet RJ-45 surge protection unit. This is a surface mount unit.

Some of the Brands
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    Clients Who

    We protect field instrumentation at 8 compression sites. Shell was losing $100k per week in equipment plus expensive downtime. We provided a grounding audit, installed our equipment, and no loss has since been reported.Shell Pipeline
    We protect thousands of transmitters and field Instrumentation. We have not had a single equipment failure in the eight years we’ve done business.Kinder Morgan
    We protect I/O, field instruments and 120 VAC. $100k’s + protected with no equipment loss or downtime reported.Williams Pipeline & Energy Transfer
    Now specified in standards for all installations. Initially provided protection for 3 facilities and $1.5 million in equipment. During a storm, our facilities were the only ones with no loss in equipment and no downtime.We Energies

    Why HPS?

    Prior to using HPS, most of our clients had been operating on much older technologies and products. We, along with our strategic partners are on the forefront of systems integration, flow measurement, overvoltage surge protection and custom enclosures.