Solutions HPS Provides

We have so many different options for your needs.
  • Electrical Control Systems Design and Fabrication
  • Skid Mounted, Plug-and-Play Solutions for Remote or Temporary Installations
  • Complete Systems Integration for Utilities, Refineries, Remote Natural Gas Metering Stations, Chemical & Petrochemical Facilities
  • Overvoltage Surge Protection Mitigation, Site Surveys and Audits
  • As Built Drawing Packages AutoCAD
  • Technical Support to Field Personnel 365 Days a Year

Some of the Brands
by HPS


    Clients Who

    We protect field instrumentation at 8 compression sites. Shell was losing $100k per week in equipment plus expensive downtime. We provided a grounding audit, installed our equipment, and no loss has since been reported.Shell Pipeline
    We protect thousands of transmitters and field Instrumentation. We have not had a single equipment failure in the eight years we’ve done business.Kinder Morgan
    We protect I/O, field instruments and 120 VAC. $100k’s + protected with no equipment loss or downtime reported.Williams Pipeline & Energy Transfer
    Now specified in standards for all installations. Initially provided protection for 3 facilities and $1.5 million in equipment. During a storm, our facilities were the only ones with no loss in equipment and no downtime.We Energies

    Why HPS?

    Prior to using HPS, most of our clients had been operating on much older technologies and products. We, along with our strategic partners are on the forefront of systems integration, flow measurement, overvoltage surge protection and custom enclosures.

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